Mojave Road Trip in February (2009)

To really start on my backlog of 2009 motorcycling pictures and videos, I first tackled my Mojave Road ride in February - may as well start big. :)  As I rode through nearly 150 miles of the beautiful Mojave Desert on my Honda XR650L last winter, my friend Roger and his wife Trisha faithfully followed in their camper truck, and Trisha took a lot of pictures!

For just a pictorial summary of the trip, checkout my 2009 Mojave Road Trip album.  For more detail on the ride, also checkout my related BikeBandit forums posts.


Highway 94 Ride in September

Playing a bit of catch-up, here are a couple pics of me riding my Yamaha R6 on Highway 94 in East San Diego County a few months ago, courtesy of hwy94photo.com:

If you want to see more pics and/or read a bit more about the ride, checkout my BikeBandit forums post.

Since I've been riding so much, I'll try to share more as I go in 2010!  Also, I'll share more of my 2009 pics and vids as I get through them - hopefully soon. :)

Annual Check-In

It's been a while since I've posted here - by design really. :) (See About Me.)  No, I haven't been on the moon. ;)

Mostly I've been busy...
  • ...working - lots of fast-paced e-commerce projects, ...
  • ...being a happy new father, ...
  • ...going to school, ...
  • ...and riding dirt bikes - more weekends than not for the last year thankfully!
Happy 2010!