Vista Part Deux: "I'm Back, SuSE!"

I'll explain more at some point; and .NET and other Microsoft technologies still impress me; but for daily all-around use – mostly tabbed browsing, office apps, the usual – I've finally said, "Hasta la vista, Vista.  Ixnay XP."  I loved SuSE 6/7, and my experience with openSuSE 10/11 and Windows etc. relegated to VMs has thus far been great.

The last year and a half since I purchased Vista – then a copy of XP Pro to "downgrade" – have dumbfoundingly been the worst in my 20+ years of personal computing – without a hint of exaggeration. (Ironically, I never had such a screamer machine the rest of the time!)

Sorry, but it's the truth.  Lord knows I would love to say otherwise.  Tech nostalgia and zealotry just aren't me as much as simply calling what I see.

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