Halo 3 Launch in Irvine, CA

One last thing before I head to bed. I'm going to the Halo 3 launch in Irvine next Monday night and think it will be pretty cool. I don't play video games much anymore, but Halo was incredible; and I have a friend who tested Halo 3, which personalizes the game for me a bit. Anyway, I'm excited to go and report what I see.


  1. Verdict: impressive but not enough to make me buy an Xbox 360 :-)

    I never played Halo 2, but Halo's incredible playability lives in Halo 3; and everything - maps, vehicles, and weapons - looks and sounds better. (The quad's exhaust sounds dreamy!) Even though I'm mostly a target for better players, Halo 3's playability and eye candy made the launch event a lot of fun for me. I'd say that's a touchdown.

    On the other hand, I admittedly hoped for something revolutionary rather than evolutionary. Unreasonable? Probably. Since I haven't seen a new console or PC game since Counterstrike and multicore is now ubiquitous, though, I still hoped. ;-)

  2. Oh, in the interest of full disclosure, walking a higher path etcetera, I should be clear that Microsoft bought my opinion and soul with a free Halo 3 t-shirt; but they wouldn't rig any of their swag raffles for me: so I'm pretty sure I ultimately remained objective in reaching my verdict. ;->