Doubling Gmail Contact Groups?

Now that I've been using Gmail for a while, I generally love it; but I've encountered a persistent, annoying issue with contact groups and wonder whether someone has tamed it.

Basically, my contacts' displayed groups frequently double:

If I select affected contacts and "remove" their duplicate groups, they return to displaying their groups normally - for a while. Within a day or two, they – though I'm not positive the exact same contacts are involved – return to doubly displaying their groups. Frankly, this doubling affects more of my contacts than not.

Any ideas, Gmailers?


End of the Innocence?

Now that Google has agreed to buy DoubleClick, I wonder how many knee-jerk zealots in clubs Micro$ux and M$ will leave club Google for club Googl€. Their reflexes may be slow (and require more taps), but knees will surely jerk. Thankfully I find such chapters in the Angry Geek Saga hilarious.

As if this wasn't already (heck, inherently) obvious, it's abundantly clear that Google's brainiacs are bloodthirsty for profit just like Evil Bill and his cronies. Forget the cover of OSS and being the underdog that rose to the top. This is how enterprise works. Get it, ├╝ber angsters?

I say God bless 'em! DoubleClick is a smart move for Google; their shareholders are well served; and, hey, there's always Internet Junkbuster. ;->


MIT Me Please

Catching up on IT news this afternoon, I happened upon a little article in the March 19 issue of InformationWeek that I will never forget. Through its OpenCourseWare (OCW) program, MIT is putting its courses – over 1,800 of them – online for everyone. Cost? Nothing. No credit, no degree? No problemo. 

Thank you, God! :-D