This copy of Windows is not genuine? What!?

OK. This is it. I've patiently worked through many Windows Vista annoyances since blogging about my initial, positive impression of the OS; and I haven't terribly minded. Linux taught me to put up with a lot I guess, but that is another post – with regard to Vista and Linux. ;-) Now I am downright angry, though.

Tonight I came home and expected to continue fixing a bug for work. All I needed was Vista's VPN and RDP clients – nothing more. Well, not even that much works tonight because Vista tells me that my copy of Windows is not genuine!

I've read about this issue on Slashdot – caused by a recent (stealth) Windows update or simply updating a driver as I recall – but never figured it would happen to me. To be clear, the experience absolutely sucks. (...technical term for a "Was I just mugged?" customer experience, Microsoft.)

What to do? Well, I got so sick of Vista's 15-minute, likely-infinite loop of "Windows must be reinstalled to activate", logging in, and repeating that I'm running my Dell XPS's diagnostics for a calming distraction. ;-| ...pretty sad. However this plays out, I'll definitely share the Vista "experience" that awaits me!