Holy Fox!

Timing in life is bizarre. I haven't thought (never mind spoken) of FoxPro in years - until last week.

A conversation about naming controls made me think of FoxPro because a VFP 6 project happens to be the worst example of controls naming (try none) I've ever encountered. For months after said project, I had nightmares about Text31. ;)  (Its meaning is as obvious to you as it was to me I'm sure!)

This led me to briefly define VFP, or rather its forgotten role in Microsoft's portfolio. Wikipedia does a better job providing all the details; but I essentially explained that VFP's role is (was) to slowly bleed features into other Microsoft tools, look alive by absorbing occasional hand-me-downs, and retain its loyal developer base.

Well, the charade is finally over after all these years. As irony would have it, I learned Monday that Microsoft announced it will release VFP to CodePlex, making VFP 9 the last Microsoft release. Amen. Long may ye run, FoxPro!

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